Mistress Gaia

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Today I am with the biggest loser in my class because we have a group assignment to be delivered for tomorrow. Although he is as lousy as a toilet, I can consider myself lucky to have to study with him because he is the top of the class. Since I have an appointment with a friend of mine, I will take advantage of it to leave him to study alone while I go to have fun. However, this jerk starts to annoy me a little too much, in fact he starts dictating orders on what I should do. As I’m the most beautiful in the class, I’m not going to allow this loser to give orders to me. Instead of being honored to spend some time with me and be able to help. He still continues to give me orders and threaten to tell the professor that I have done nothing if I leave. Fortunately, I always carry a strapon in my bag. Since the fool is still not going to shut up, I sit on him and then put him at 90% on the sofa, and begin fucking him. When the bitch realizes what trouble he's gotten himself into, it's too late. At this point I really don't want to hear his apologies and his promises to study for me. Too easy to do now, and with the threat hanging from my thighs, he will have to pay the just punishment for his behavior. All the other males in the class would pay to stay in his place. Since he didn't get it right in his head as he should behave, I'll now enter his ass, fucking him wildly. Maybe when I'm sick of hearing him whimper I stop fucking him. Then I’ll order him to stay and study with my cock in his ass, maybe it will help him think about his stupidity. Now I can go out quietly to go to my date, and when I return, maybe I'll free his filthy ass…