Mistress Gaia

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I have my slave on the floor, and he is tightly bound in a hogtie position. It's a very stressfull position, and has been waiting a while for me to arrive. As I enter the dungeon, I know he thinks I'm going to release him. Not so... I have decided to make my bitch useful, and tell him to prepare to suffer. As he's wearing a collar and leash, I give him a few hard tugs before getting him to worship my feet and kiss my beautiful shoes. With him so helpless, I decided to give him a good fucking. I put on a pair of latex gloves and prepare my strapon. As I look down on my bitch, I know he's going to give me great plaesure as I fuck his ass. I shove my cock in and he lets out a squeal. I want to hear him squeal louder, so I fuck him harder and faster while giving him some slaps of encouragement. After I have fucked his ass, I want him to continue to suffer. So I remove my cock from the strapon, and with a screwing motion I shove it all the way up his sorry ass. He squeals in pain as I continue with his torture. As he worships my feet in gratitude, I finally leave him to struggle and squirm with no escape from his butt plug hogtie...