Mistress Gaia

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Today @DungeonRoma I have had my slave in a somewhat restrictive situation. Earlier, I tightly wrapped him in layers of clingfilm, and finished it off with more layers of tight duct tape. He can't move very well, and I want to see him squirm for me. If he can make a good enough job of satisfying my pleasure then I may consider a reward. As I walk around, my little bound worm has to follow me. He must make sure he wriggles and keeps up. Of course I have my flogger to hand to make sure he obeys me. to begin with, he seems to be having a little difficulty. However, a few lashes with my flogger soon gets him going. I allow him to kiss and lick my beautiful stiletto shoes, before changing position and making him squirm even more. In his tightly bound cocoon, he is getting very hot and asks for a drink. I don't think he deserves anything. However, I will allow him a little reward but not what he thinks. As he lies gasping and struggling, I get a jug and show it to him. I tell him he will be allowed to drink my delicious amber nectar. I pee into the jug and place it at the other end of the dungeon. With a couple of lashes, I leave him to wriggle and squirm to try to get to my delicious pee. What a lucky little thirsty worm...