Mistress Gaia

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Today I am feeling very sadistic. I have my slave hooded, with his arms and legs chained to the pillars. He also has a heavy steel collar padlocked around his neck. This is also fastened to the pillars with chains. I have also attached leather mittens to his hands to keep him from having any ideas... My bitch can't escape and I have him completely at my mercy. I don't need him anymore and I told him he was in for a nice surprise. With him struggling I approach from behind, he's nervous and so he should be. I have a nice sheet of shiny black latex in my hands, and I shake it out loudly so he can hear that beautiful rubber sound that only comes from latex. I tell him he's going to suffer and I quickly throw my latex over his head. He tries to breathe with the loose latex catching his face and mouth. I laugh and quickly wrap it around his head and face until it's so tight it's like a second skin. My bitch gasps and tries desperately to catch some air. I pull tighter and tighter, knowing that the latex is so unforgiving. It wont be long before my bitch will eventually realize his time is up, as he helplessly takes his last gasps under my suffocating latex...
Tags: Smother, Bondage