Mistress Gaia

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Today @DungeonRoma I'm joined by master, and we are going to put our bitch of a slave through some rigorous training. The first thing I need from my pony bitch is obedience. He seems to have a problem understanding my instructions. However, as I have him on a tight leash a good couple of hard jerks on his neck, soon gets his attention. I begin by getting him into position to take me in a circle, one of the things he must do is keep his speed consistent. I have my riding crop to hand to make sure he obeys me. Of course he gets some hard whips to make sure he understands my instructions. I give master the leash and allow him to lead our little pony bitch. After a reasonable couple of whip free rounds, It's time for Master to ride my little pony. We change places and Master gets on his back. At first my pony seems to stumble, however Master soon gets him going with some hard smacks to pony's ass. We are having a lot of fun as we continue with ponyboy's training. Finally, with Master still sitting on his back. I get ponyboy to show his appreciation of his training as I get him to kiss and lick my boots. He also has to do the same to Masters feet. I finally lead my little pony back to his cage with a couple of whacks from my riding crop. It's been a productive session, as my ponyboy learned to perform his training Gaia's Way...