Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Steps can be heard coming to a dark room, before the door is opened. Then the light is turned on and you and another horse girl comes in. She has come because she is looking for a new pony, and may buy one from you. You are dressed in riding breeches in black leather with a white shirt, and you are wearing riding gloves. And you have black riding boots with spurs on. In your hand you have a dressage whip and a horse halter leash. Your guest also wears riding clothes, but wears sneakers. In her hand she has a gym bag, you go to a cage, where a pony is kept. He has a halter and ponytail put on. You stand and watch the pony, while you tell a little about this and the guest asks some general questions. You say that the pony can be both disobedient and lazy, and that it must be treated strictly. The guest laughs and agrees that disobedient ponies should be corrected harshly, and "those who know me know that I have no problem giving punishment!" Both laugh!

The guest "can you take out the beast so I can take a closer look at it"? You: "Of course, you have to look properly at this pony". Then you open the door and click on the link to the halter. Then you pull the pony hard out of the cage. The guest takes a closer look and makes an examination of the whole pony. The guest opens the gym bag, and takes out her black riding boots which she puts on, then puts on some dressage spurs. Also riding gloves. The guest: "Shall we warm him up a bit before the test ride? I want to lung him a few laps". "Of course" "Great! Can I borrow a proper lunging whip from you?" "I'll get one for you" The guest starts by chasing the vomit around in a ring but she shouts that he should run faster, at the same time as she uses the painful whip. On the smile on her face you can see that she likes to discipline the pony. When the lunging is finished, ask if you are going to put on the saddle. "Yes, great! Can I borrow one of your whips?" "Yes, just go and pick one while I put on the saddle" While putting on the saddle, the guest selects a whip. She looks at several that she is testing by swinging in the air and using against the riding boots before she chooses a dressage whip. You "I usually whip lazy ponies a few times before I start, so that he will wake up and understand that he should be concentrated" "That's absolutely amazing, because I do the same, start with about 10 strokes, or sometimes I give some electric shock also "" Ha ha ha - good "

The guest gives the pony some powerful stokes, while she holds the reins in the other hand, her brutality is witnessed by ten red stripes on his ass. Then there will be a few minutes of test riding. That the guest is a hard pony trainer comes out quickly. The whip and the spurs are used to keep a high tempo. Also as punishment when the pony makes mistakes. Everything ends well and the guest buys the pony, but will not pay more than a slaughter price because the pony is not so fit and good. In the end: "Thank you for your purchase. I will pick up the pony in a few days, but do not feed it in the meantime, I think he is too fat."