Mistress Gaia

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I have had a hard day filming, and I need to get my boots off. I also have a bitch of a slave that's been complaining. I have her kneeling at the foot of my throne, and I'm going to enjoy allowing her to taste my beautiful feet. However, it's not going to be easy for her. I need her to suffer, and I have a good way to make sure. To begin I get a nice ass hook and place it into her butt. It's attached to a chain that will be connected to a tight collar around her neck. It's a tight fit, just the way I like it. My slut lets our a gasp as I fasten it to her collar, with the hook being pulled further into her ass. I also get a nice pair of strong nipple clamps, and attach them to her nipples. It looks like my slut is really in pain, and it's about to get worse for her. I remove my boots, and tease her with my beautiful feet. As she tries to struggle, the hook and clamps begin to cause her a lot of pain. Then I open her mouth, and give her a good foot gagging. I then lie her on her back, and continue to give a her a good mouth fucking with my beautiful feet. I so enjoy hearing that gargling sound as I shove my foot to the back of her throat, as the saliva runs out of her mouth and she becomes my little drool bitch...