Mistress Gaia

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I'm with my friend and we are going to enjoy ourselves with my slave. The theme will be bondage slut training, with footworship and footgagging. Our slut will be tightly bound so her movement will be restricted. She will also be very uncomfortable. I begin by getting the slave to lick and kiss my shoes. At the same time my friend gets out her rope and begins the bondage. My slut complains the rope is tight. That's the idea, so my friend makes it tighter. While our slave is being secured in her bondage, I begin her training. I get her to lick and kiss my feet, making sure she doesn't allow her teeth to get in the way. Otherwise I will punish her. With her arms tightly bound behind her back she is finding it difficult to keep her balance on her knees. So I give her a couple of slaps to remind her to keep upright. My friend then gets our slut to smell her feet. Then after removing her stockings. Gets the slave to lick and kiss her feet. We both take turns footgagging, and choking our little slut. We laugh together, at her futile attempts to breathe as we stick our beautiful feet into the back of her throat. I also give our slave a couple of foot slaps in her pussy to make sure she understands what's required of her. Before we have a break, our slut has to kiss and worship our feet. Then leaving her alone, tightly bound on her knees. My friend and I go for lunch to discuss what other pleasures we can have with our slave when we return...
Tags: Foot Gagging