Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 12m 2s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 6092 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - I would like you to wear something similar to the outfit you wore in the video “Hanky Spanking”, a robe, slippers and naked feet...

There is a cuckold husband, with a weak character, who has been financially cheated by his wife and her lover, until he is completely broke and then is given to a Mistress. A close friend of the wife who can do with him whatever she wants.At the beginning of the video, the Mistress is comfortably seated and the slave is laying on the floor; she keeps a foot on his head, her legs crossed and the other foot dangling. The Mistress is speaking on the phone with the cuckolds wife, telling her that the slave has been delivered and she doesn’t need to worry any longer about him. The Mistress makes fun about the mental health of the cuckold, who looks traumatized; she also says that it would be a pleasure using him up. The phone call ends and the Mistress tells the slave that she is going to ride him until she breaks his back or makes him to have a heart attack. The slave starts whining and begging for mercy, but the Mistress stands firm and puts the bite in his mouth saying to him: “considering that those are probably your last words, you really look pathetic”. Then she abruptly jumps on his back and starts riding him, urging him to move with her heels and whipping him. I also would like that you take off one of your slippers and use it to beat him hard on his head.

The slave is moaning for strain and fear, tries to resist but the Mistress skillfully succeeds in staying on his back and enjoys the situation. She laughs and says something as: “you are good neither as a man nor as a horse, you can only be a mule. Your wife was right to exploit you and then throw you away. I’m going to do the same, but you will never go out from here”. The riding goes on, with the slave continuously urged, in order to wear him down, while the Mistress is laughing and having fun. At the end, the slave collapses to the ground, like having a seizure, but the Mistress remains over him; she keeps one hand at her side while, with the other, she beats him on the head with one slipper. Then, when the slave stays still, the Mistress stands up, picks up the phone and, keeping one foot on the slave’s head, calls his wife. She tells her that the cuckold is gone and she had a lot of fun. She asks whether she is free, so that they can meet for a sushi dinner and she can tell her all the details. During the phone call, the Mistress always keeps his foot on the head of the slave and often looks at him, moving his toes as if she wanted to check the nail polish. She says good-bye to her friend and says: “Now i need a good shower...