Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - I would like a clip with you and your slave girl. Where you have a bratty and taunting attitude, not too strict. You sit on your couch and remove your sport shoes and are in your socks. The slave is on her knees with her hands cuffed behind her back, her feet and legs cuffed too, in front of the coach. She has a collar with a small leash and in the end of the leash, a weight You command her to the couch so you can relax and put your legs on her neck, like a footstool. She's in a very painful position, and her head slowly goes down because of the weight and your feet. You want to relax and read a magazine. Many times, you say to her that you want her to stay still and go up with her head so your feet are in the right position. However, they are too heavy her. So you leave and go fetch a large and deep dish full of dirty water. You remove your socks and put them in the mouth of the slave, then put the bowl just below her head and again place your feet on her neck. Now if her head goes down, her face will be in the water. The slave is in real fear, and it's not long before her head is in the water. Then she finds the strength to try to remain with her head up. However, she's very helpless and tries to show you that she's in a real trouble, you don't care and just ignore her. If you look at her, it's only to smile at her poor situation. After a while, you leave and come back with a sleeping mask, and say to her that you want to have a nap. She feels a short relief, but again you put your feet on her neck pushing her head slowly down into the water as you begin your well earned nap...