Mistress Gaia

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ITALIAN LANGUAGE CUSTOM REQUEST - Exactly one year later Mistress Gaia returns from the New Year celebrations, she had a lot of fun with her friends and once again she left her slave waiting for her depriving him of the opportunity to celebrate. She is dressed very elegantly and sexy and wears pumps. The slave is waiting for her standing up, she arrives and says "Happy New Year" and immediately gives him a couple of kicks in the balls. Also this year her feet are very sore from the night of festivities and so she takes off his shoes and orders his slave to massage them with his tongue. The massage takes effect, the soreness slowly fades and she begins to regain her strength. Relaxed but at the same time invigorated by the situation, she rewards her slave with a footjob. You use sensual language during your footjob and make it squirt with 10 fingers. Once he cums, you continue in a post orgasmic torment and ask the slave "Exactly one year ago I told you that 2021 would be the year of kicks in the balls. Did I keep my word?" And the slave will answer yes. Then she will say "I have a good resolution for 2022 as well" and laugh out loud and order him to get up. "The purpose is: many kicks in the balls again this year" and she will continue to laugh as she kicks him in the balls. "Unfortunately for you I had too much fun and I want to continue to devastate your balls again this year, and you know I have my word" At this point she starts kicking him in all the ways she knows, frontal, from behind, double, sensual, with run up, knees, etc and then I would very much like her to use that kick used in BALLBUSTING DICE GAME which he called "two steps kick ". The slave goes ashore several times and every time urges him to get up, because the first ballbusting of the year must be memorable. Have an ironic and amused attitude as you kick him. She will finish by declaring the last series of kicks, frontal and strong, here she will totally change his attitude, she will become severe, always smiling, but severe until the slave goes to the mat. Close with a victory pose on the ravaged slave and say "2022, another year of kicks in the balls" and smile.