Mistress Gaia

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Once again I'm with my friend mistress Alisha. We have a slave over the bench ready to recieve some strapon training, and he is just waiting to be abused by two beautiful mistresses. Earlier, we couldn't quite make up our minds what we were going to do with our bitch. So we decided he would enjoy the luxury of a good ass fucking training session. I put on my strapon, and a pair of tight sexy black latex gloves and give his ass a warm up with some good slaps.

Alisha has a nice surprise for him, she too has a strapon under her dress. So our slut is going to have the privilege of being fucked by both of us. Myself from behind, while he has to open his mouth and suck on Alisha's strapon. As we both get into a nice rythem, It's such fun to hear our bitch squealing. As I fuck his ass harder and harder, Alisha stuffes her strapon further down his throat until he begins choke. What a great variation of sound as he gargles and squealy with every thrust. After a good fucking, we eventually decide our bitch has had enough for now. We allow him the freedom of cleaning the bench, while we go for a coffee and discuss what we will do to him on our return...