Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - A girl goes to visit an old school friend to ask him for a job. She begins by telling him that her husband has left her and she's desperate and urgently need help.The girl wants to exploit the situation and tries to make him remember the old days. However, the guy understands and tells her it's too late. He reminds her, you treated me really bad when we were at school. All you did was humiliate me and call me names. She tells him that she thought he was the loser. However, she remembers how he always stared at her feet and legs? His gaze drops to her feet, and she begins to dangle her shoe as he looks at her beautiful legs. The girl laughs, and once agaia begins to humiliate him. He's such a whimp, and kneels to try to kiss her feet. However, she tells him it's not going to be that easy. He must get on his knees and worship her like never before. He must also become her permenant slave. If he wants to continue to see her he must divorce his wife. The guy replies, his wife is very jealous and would never leave him. The girl gets angry at his attitude and slaps him. You WILL leave your wife, and you will also become my slave. She leaves him on his knees to ponder his future...