Mistress Gaia

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Added on: 18.11.2023
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CUSTOM REQUEST - I have a custom request with the older female sub. I would like the outfit to be similar to what you wore in your "Dark Lashes video, skintight leather/pvc covering your body, but with black lipgloss & lipstick. I would love for the clip to have the extremely erotic and sensual tone of a clip you have called "Lesbian worship", with long periods of silence, and close ups. Idea: "Mistress Gaia knows that she is irresistible. Even older females fall in love with her. An older female comes to her and submits to her. Mistress Gaia has a private session with the lady in her bedroom, full of erotic & sensual worship and teasing. Mistress Gaia is not attacted to the old woman, but the fact that she can make even an old woman lust after her sexually is very pleasing and arousing to the mistress. The tone in the room is very erotic & sensual. Mistress first allows the slave to sensually worship & touch her body. The slave licks and kisses the mistress' legs and ass. After this, Mistress Gaia slowly lays the sub on her bed and begins to tease her with her body. Mistress sensually grinds her legs against the slave's pussy. The mistress also hits the slave on her pussy with her thighs so she doesn't forget who is in charge. She teases the slave with her glossy lips, but she denies her kisses. The only kisses she can recieve is spit. The mistress slowly drops spit into the slave's mouth. The mistress also sensually sits on the slave's face, allowing the slave to her leather/pvc covered ass on her face. The clips ends with a sensual strap on fucking in the slave's pussy while the slave is laying on her back.. While fucking the slave with the strap on, the mistress puts her lips close to the slave to tease her more and spit in her mouth. After the session, the slave is made to thank and worship her mistress by kissing her legs and feet.