Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are a career mom and you come home dressed in an elegant black skirt suit, black sheer 15/20 denier stockings and décolleté shoes. You arrive and find your slave son sleeping on the sofa and he hasn't done the cleaning you ordered him to do. You also find food and you are really annoyed, and wake him with slaps in the face. Saying: What a piece of garbage you are and why the fuck are you sleeping?? You didn't do a thing about the house! You suck as my son, and for this you are going to be a slave to me. Then you throw him off the sofa and make him lie down on the floor. Ordering him to put his his tongue out, you show him your dirty soles and order him to lick them clean. He asks for mercy but you don't care about him as he's a mistake of nature, and you keep rubbing the soles of your shoes that are worth more than his life, on his tongue. He's not allowed to speak, and you tell him to continue to swallow all the dirt off mom's shoes.

Eventually, when he's finished cleaning your soles, you tell your slave son that you are thirsty, and to get you something to drink. Scotch he says? Hmm... No but I have a idea with scotch says mom. Bring the tape. Once he arrives with the drink and the tape. You tell him to bring the table near the sofa. Then you bring him closer and decide to tape his mouth up with the scotch tape. He gargles to breath as you tighten it around his mouth.

At this point you then remove your shoes. Put your feet on the table and order him to smell your feet especially under the toes but he must only use the tip of his nose on your stockings. You slap him with your foot, and you say: I told you that you have to touch my stockings you must not touch me, do you understand?!! He replies: yes mom sorry! Meanwhile, you do your own thing on the cell while you sip your drink!

While he's sniffing your silky feet, you tell the filthy slut he can enjoy touching his cock, and he begins to play with himself.

As you make yourself more comfortable, with your feet on the table you tell him he's must continue to smell your feet moving from one to the other. As he continues to smell and worship your feet while playing with his throbber, you tell him he can't cum. Finally, you finish up by telling him to get out of your site. Reminding him that you are taking time out of work from a important contract worth a lot of money, only to have to spend time punishing your Wanker Son...