Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Mistress Gaia has decided to have fun to celebrate a new year coming and to immediately make it clear with her slave that, in her very personal calendar, next is the year of ballbusting. The slave was left alone for the whole New Year, Mistress Gaia went to celebrate with her friends, but now she is back and she can't wait to put into action everything that goes through her head. She enters dressed up with black shoes and finds her slave waiting for her, she goes towards him and says "Happy New Year" and at the same time gives him a couple of kicks in the balls.

Then she takes off the black shoes and her dress, to reveal sexy black underwear. She asks her slave to massage her feet with his tongue, because after a long evening with shoes on she feels the need for a massage and xpressly telling him to pass his tongue between the toes of her feet and all along the sole. The slave will lick her feet so well that she will decide to pay him back with a footjob. In reality she is just preparing to make him suffer. She will tell him that she wants to give him a nice gift and make a close-up video. So she will take one of the two cameras and position it to frame her splendid feet in action and the splash, make sure not to impale the shot from the wide range camera to have a double view of the footjob. She does a 10-toed footjob or with the cock on the back of one foot and the toes of the other jerking it off. Once he has cum, continue for about ten seconds to masturbate him. hen standing him up give him a good ballbusting. After a long series of kicks from front, back and double kick.

Then taking him with his hands behind his shoulders and taking aim, you pulverize his balls as much as possible. With the slave standing and exhausted, you decide to make a toast with him to celebrate the new year and announce your intentions to kick him in the balls every day. At the end of the toast the slave make a terrible mistake, he drops his glass to the floor. Mistress will look at him, and say "See, it's destiny, you make me want to kick you in the balls too much whatever you do, come on get ready, I want to really decide if I can rely on you for the year of ballbusting, so try to resist as much as possible ". You deliver very strong frontal kicks, if the slave falls you will urge him to get up. When the slave is truly exausted she will ask him for one last effort. It's crucial to help her make her make a decision.

That's when she'll give him the strongest series of kicks she's ever given, no matter if he resists 1, 5 or 10 kicks, it must bedevastating, charging herself thinking about what bothers her most in the world. I want to hear her squeal as she gives them. The slave is now on the ground helpless. She looks at him and tells him ... rest a few minutes then she comes back and shoves his cock into the cock table and jerks him again. With his cock stretched out on the table this time filming from her POV with the camera. She will end with one of her wonderful victory poses of her with one foot arched pressing on the slave's cock and saying "2021, the year of the ball kicks"...