Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Both models are coming home from walking outside on a dirty path in the wood, then In a dirty parking lot. There is a lot of trash, mud and cigarette lying on the floor. The girls are talking and don’t consider the dirt they’re walking on, cause they know, there is a slave, a «Shoe mat» who is going to eat it off their shoes. They walk on the dirty floor on purpose thinking of the poor slave, who is going to lick it off their boots. They arrive at home and there is a dirty slave lying on an old mattress in the balcony. He is barefeet, wearing just some old shorts and a white Tanktop (if someone wants to play the «slave» in this clip!) They want to prepare him a «special meat». They found on the floor some mud, waste and cigarette butts: They want to crush them and mix it with some cigarette ash and spit. They add an old sandwich and crush everything, changing the role. The cameramen should over and over again change the focus filming the boots and then the models and their beautiful faces smiling in a malicious way. We can see how the mix stuck under their boot sole and when they are finished crushing, they offer their boots so that the slave can lick it off. They laugh at him, insulting and humiliating him verbally. In the end, they order the slave to lay down and they clean their boots standing on him and putting their boots over his chest and his face. They enter the house and close the door of the balcony, letting the slave in his misery.