Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Duration 10 minutes. You are lying on the sofa, dressed in a sexy way, like a thong and a bra. Your slave is sitting on one side of the sofa and, by virtue of being a foot slave, must always take care of it. So use it as a footrest / foot warmer while watching TV. Then you ask him to give you a foot massage and relax while he does it. Then you tell him that it is enough, that your feet are now ready, rested, warmed up and relaxed ... and you laugh. The slave looks at you suspiciously and you put one foot in his face and tell him to lick it, while with the other you start teasing his penis. You turn off the TV, you look at him with sensuality and you tell him that the time has come to ejaculate for you, for your feet, because this is the only purpose of his life, ejaculate for your feet and take care of them, everything else is not counts. You give him a footjob and make him ejaculate with your feet as in DONT STOP ME NOW, concentrating the masturbation in the upper part of the penis and with the legs well raised with a regular rhythm, neither too fast nor too slow. Just as he is ejaculating "This is true love for my feet, you will do anything for them, for me" and you laugh. After ejaculation punish him with a post-ejaculatory torment by continuing to masturbate him, the slave will writhe in pain and you will laugh telling him that this also consists in loving your feet, suffering for them, suffering for you.