Mistress Gaia

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As part of my daily fitness training, I enjoy using my trapeze. It helps keep my mind and body in peak condition. I have decided to make today's session interesting, and I want to share it with you. I have my slave waiting and ready to assist me. I call him, and he crawls on his knees to be my footstool. I am going to get him used to worshiping my beautiful feet. However, it's not going to be as he thought. As I pull myself onto my trapeze, I look down on my bitch and show him my feet, I tell him he's going to have a mouth watering experience with them. I have a leash and order him to fasten it to his collar, once fastened I pull it nice and tight. It's so nice to see my bitch trying to keep his neck straight as I tug on his leash. I then order him to open his mouth, and quickly shove my foot to the back of his throat. As I pull tightly on his leash, he squirms and struggles to get free. There's no escape, and my bitch begins to choke as my foot completely fills his mouth while I pull tighter and tighter on his leash. I alternate my feet, and at the same time push his head back. This causes him a lot of pain and discomfort, and I'm having so much fun watching my bitch suffer. I eventually come down from my trapeze, and order my bitch to lie on his back on the floor. I stamp on him and give him some more severe foot gagging. Finally, I get him to stand up and I fasten his leash to my trapeze. I then tease him by twisting his nipples, and giving him a few slaps. It's been a good workout with my trapeze foot gagging bitch...