Mistress Gaia

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I have taken my slave from inside his cage, and put him on top. He is tightly bound and can't escape. I'm going to treat him to some hand over mouth smothering. To ensure he enjoys what I have in store for him, I have chosen a beautiful pair of sensual leather gloves. I pull them over my hands and make sure they are really tight, the soft leather is so comfortable as I stretch and wiggle my fingers. As my slave struggles on top of his cage, I can see he is aware of my intentions. I begin by placing my hand over his mouth and pressing down, making sure the leather is completely covering his mouth. I so enjoy seeing that fearful look in his eyes as he gasps for air. I continue to make him suffer, as I alternate my hands over his nose and mouth so he can't breathe. As I tighten my grip, he beging to panic and his gasps get more frequent. However, I'm not nearly finished with my bitch. He's going to suffer a lot more. There's nothing like latex to make me feel great. I so enjoy wearing it and working with it. I have some beautiful pieces in different colours, it's so breathtaking... don't you think? My slave knows he isn't going anywhere, as I throw my latex over his head and pull it tight against his face. He sucks his last dregs of air as the latex sticks to his face like a second skin. I'm enjoying his suffering so much that I pull tighter and tighter. It's time to change colours, as I release the latex I give my bitch a choice and order him to pick one. He picks a shade of pink, almost lilac. It's so beautiful... However, like myself it is very unforgiving as I quickly encase my slave's head and face. He gasps and sucks, as once again I take every last breath from him. After several attempts to beg for mercy, I decide to give him a break. However, not in the way he thinks. I have a new solution to keep him in his suffocating hell. I have a plastic bag that I quickly pull over his head. He gasps and tries to fill his lungs with air. It doesn't last as I pull the bag tight around his neck and face. I love to watch those eyes bulge as he helplesly struggles and squirms for air. I'm not sure how long my slut will last, it depends on how much time I'm prepared to spend on him. He's such a lucky slave to have such breathtaking moments with Mistress Gaia...