Mistress Gaia

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I am in the company of a dear mistress friend of mine, and we have just returned to my dungeon where a few hours ago we left two slaves, while we went for an aperitif. Before going out we were doing a ballbusting contest between a fat slave with a small cock and a thin one with a big cock. Neither, however, had fallen to the ground, so the race was not over. So now after we have had some fun, we are more charged than before. We are really convinced that this time the race will end, with one of the slaves falling to the ground. Will it be the fat or the skinny? Let's start the race, this time we are really ruthless. We both wear beautiful pointed boots with which we mercilessly hit the balls of these two unfortunate slaves. With my friend we decide to take turns hitting them both from the front and from behind. The fat man begins to show some signs of letting up, but resists. But finally after a while my kick from behind is lethal for the fat man who falls to the ground, thus losing the race. We are no longer interested in him, we only focus on the winner. This race, however, did not include any kind of prize, in fact, we do not reserve for him another very heavy series of kicks in the balls, until he too, exhausted, falls to the ground. We keep kicking him, until he goes KO after getting kicked on his knees with his balls fully exposed towards us. With my friend we can deduce that being mini-gifted does not help in resisting kicking in the balls more, but we have shown that we can knock down anyone, even a slave with a bigger cock, not just a minidot...