Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 11m 13s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 3575 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
File size: 288 MB
Language: Italian


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Custom Request - If possible can I have the video with the short slave who gets aroused immediately present in the "special food orgasm" video. Mistress is dressed like in that video, with stockings. The slave has been in real chastity for some time and the video start by ordering him to undress to his underwear. A little foot worship getting him aroused (but most likely he already will) and asks him how many days he's not been (he'll have to be honest). Then she makes him kneel, hands behind his back and pulls down his underwear. She sits down in front of him and starts rubbing her veiled foot on his cock, only briefly because she knows he might come at any moment. Then she stops, takes a whip and explains the game he has in store for him: Each whiplash is equivalent to one second (for example 5 strokes = 5 seconds) You will keep your foot still, the slave will have to "fuck" his foot for the seconds he has available, after the seconds there will be more whiplash that will subsequently give him other seconds available ... and so on. Try to get him to the limit several times if possible. At one point as soon as the slave starts to cum, she takes off her veiled foot for a moment to cause a ruined orgasm all over her stockings. He will then have to clean up, licking everything off her feet. Then she takes off her stockings, she puts them in his mouth and orders him to get on all fours and spread his legs apart. She ends with a few kicks on the balls from behind…