Mistress Gaia

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Today I am in the company of a Mistress friend, and we really want to have fun. With us there are two slaves and they have been locked in a cage for a few hours. So we decided to allow them some freedom. As they are both sluts, we will make them mate with each other. It will not be an easy task, in fact, the one with the slightly bigger cock cannot cum, and while the other one has such a microscopic cock, we are not sure he can cum either. We order the cocksucker slut to start licking the other slut's cock. Just a few strokes of the tongue and the other slut's little dick begins to harden. We are amazed by this event, so we order the slut on his knees to start sucking the cock. When he starts to hesitate, we take him by the head and push his head towards the hard cock; for sure he will not be able to gargle with that micro penis in his mouth! We are not entirely satisfied with the show, so we order the slut to jerk off and squirt on his face. After just a few minutes, a very strong jet of sperm comes out of that micro penis which gives the sucking slave a real bath. For tiny penis it was a lucky day, in fact no woman would ever take his cock in her mouth. What a lucky day for him to have The Gobbler…