Mistress Gaia

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I'm with my friend in the dungeon, and we have a slave that's going to be tested. He will be used to give both of us some pleasure, while at the same time we need to see how much discipline he has. As he crawls into position, I order him to kneel with his thighs apart. He's not quite sure what to expect, but it won't be long before we have him squealing. As we take up our positions, with my friend behind him and me looking down from the front. His dangling cock and balls are going to be a nice target. AS I caress his cock with my stiletto shoes, my friend gives him a swift kick in the balls from brhind. I so love to hear that clacking sound as her foot finds it's target, and our slut lets out a loud painful sounding yelp. We continue to kick his balls from the front and rear, he can't escape and eventually rolls over with excrutiating pain. We tell him this is just the beginning for him, we get him on his back and trample on him. I also stramp on his ankles to hold his legs apart, while my friend gives his balls a good kicking. We get him back on his knees and tell him to keep his legs apart. Both mistresses continue to kick the fuck out of his balls, until he eventually rolls over in exaustion. We stamp on him and give him a good slapping, before pulling him squealing off the floor by the cock and returning him to his cage...