Mistress Gaia

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I just got back into my dungeon after being at the hairdresser's for five hours. I took advantage of it and locked my sissy maid in the dungeon to clean it. Obviously, during these five hours he was forbidden to eat. The slut, knowing he was going to have to stay for a long time, had brought his lunch. Sandwich and peach! After seeing that he has done a good job I decide that he will be able to eat. A beast like him does not deserve to eat his meal like a normal person, so I seize his lunch to serve him in a very particular way. I start with the sandwich, throw it on the ground and start crushing it with my boots. The dirt that I have stepped on the street and that has remained under the soles will surely give a great flavor to the sandwich. I also add some spit to crush the sandwich but it is quite dry, so I decide to use the peach as well. I start to bite it and spit it on the ground. The slave is really lucky, he will be able to eat the peach that passed my mouth earlier. The mixture that is created with the peach begins to like me and I begin to crush it with my boots, having a lot of fun. However, two ingredients are still missing. The first, a little ash, I add it myself, starting to smoke. The second and most disgusting ingredient will have to come out of this slave's little dick. So I order him to masturbate and then cum on the soles of my boots. It only takes a few minutes and a huge jet of sperm comes out of this cow's small cock. Now there are all the ingredients in this slave's meal. After ordering him to lick his cum off my soles, I put out my cigarette on the ground and leave, leaving the slave to lick the food off the floor. From now on when I allow this pig to eat it will only be this way, a beast like him does not deserve to eat at all like all normal humans.