Mistress Gaia

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Today I'm feeling sadistic, and I'm going to make sure this slave remembers his experience. I begin with placing his arms in a tightly laced armbinder. I then connect it to the suspension cable and hoist his arms up behind his back. This in itself is a very stressful, and painful position. Then to make sure he keeps his legs open for me I put a leg spreader on his ankles. He is now completely helpless and at my mercy. I'm going to concentrate on his cock and balls and I want to see that cock of his really throb for attention.

However, It's not about pleasure for my bitch, I want him to constantly feel real pain. So I get a pair of nipple clamps and he lets out a squeal as they are tightly clamped on his nipples. Time to focus on his balls. I fasten a tight ball ring around his balls, then hang some weights on them to make it more painful, as he has to suffer... Time to make that cock of his really stand to attention. I have a ass hook that I insert into his ass, my bitch squeals as I push it into his ass and pull it upwards, tightly tying it to his armbinder. It's a tight fit and he is painfully helpless, as he tries to struggle his cock and balls ready to receive my undivided attention.

As I caress his throbbing cock, it begins to leak. I know he desperately want to cum, I have warned him he must not cum without my permission. There are several painful situations he must endure before I even consider allowing him his ecstasy. First, the use of my toys such as hot wax, electric wand with shock tratment, will all be used to painfully stimulate my bitch and have him begging me to cum. As I continue to my sluts cock and balls, his moans get louder and louder. Eventually, I get hold of his cock and begin giving him the handjob of his life. As I tighten my grip, he squeals for me to allow him to cum. However, I let go his cock and tell him he will be denied his ecstasy today. I leave him helplessly hanging in his bondage to contemplate his torturous tease and denial, at the hands of Mistress gaia...