Mistress Gaia

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Today I'm going to train my bitch of a slave in the art of discipline. He can't seem to understand some of the basic instructions that I give him. Of course, I don't usually have to resort to such measures as my favourite bullwhip. However, he's been so disappointing recently I think extreme measures are required. I have him on his hands and knees on the floor. He's also very tightly bount to a metal frame. It's unique design keeps his arms and legs apart with spreader bars. While his neck fits tightly in the neck piece. He can't move or escape, and his back is completely exposed to the severity of my lashes. I also put a tight bridle bit in his mouth and attach the reigns. That will shut him up while I whip him. I make myself comfortable on the bench, as the height gives me a little more leverage as I crack my whip of his back. He doesn't take long to squeal, and it gets me quite aroused. However, I'm not interested in his muffled attempts at getting me to stop, and I whip him harder and harder. Time to get a little closer, so I come off the bench and give him a few tugs on his bridle, pushing the bit to harshly grip the side of his mouth. I so enjoying seeing my bitch drool for me. I order him to count the remainder of his strokes, as he endures my superior lashes to receive the autograph of Mistress Gaia...