Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Bratty Tall School Girl part 2. This time professor wants to take revenge on you (He goes to the gym about 3 months and he will try to scare you with his strength) He calling you to his room again. You came and sit on the chair with your crossed sexy oily legs than You telling him “what you want little professor I told you before don’t bother me with your stupid warnings” He gets angry, stand up and walk to you and stand right in front of you while you sit on the chair. He telling you “shut up brat” You looking at him and starting to laugh at him than you telling him “oooo wow professor you’re a very brave men but this won’t be good for you so go sit your seat or I’ll stand up and beat you so bad”

He didn’t move anywhere so you stand up to beat him...

When your standing up he was so amazed because you getting taller than before. He started to get very scared. At this moment his head is below with embarrassed while you stand uprightly and confidently in front of him.

After that He tries to push you away but it doesn’t work, he didn't even move you from your place! He hug and grab your waist and tries to push you again and again while you laugh at him about how weak he is! Suddenly he move up your chair to reach your height level because he wants to scare you and show some strength to you : )) but you laugh at him again about how poor and insignificant he is! Please taunt him tease him humiliate him and start to toying with him Mistress. You telling him “now I’ll beat you up very bad you little bastard” And he suddenly started to cry and You laughed at him than you decided to give him 5 chances to not beat him;

1-Measure your heights! Top of his head should reach your boobs level(He Fail)

2-He should reach to kiss your armpits(He Fail)

3-Rise your hand air! He should jump and touch of your hands(He Fail)

4-Turn your butt to his face and measure your butt level with his should level! Top of his shoulder must rise your butt level(He Fail)

5-Strength tests! Hand grip competition(both hands) And push hands competition (He Fails)…

After all of these he starts crying and begging you to not beat him up! And you telling “oooo poor little man you crying and begging me to show some mercy” while you’re caressing his head with your hand like a little wimp he is! But this will not help him because you will give him a one strong punch and knocking him to the ground. Finally you walk towards him and stomp on his head with your feet, showing your victory pose...