Mistress Gaia

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I arrive a cafe bar, and ask the assistant for a particular type of refreshment. He's a bit slow and I don't think he's too interested in helping me. After a short time he gives me my drink, and it's not what I wanted. I tell him I'm not happy with his attitude and he says he doesn't care. I get off my stool and the little slut makes a challenging gesture to me. Wrong girl for that!! I quickly have him on the floor, and tell him I'm going to make him suffer for his bad behavior. I'm wearing a beautiful pair of stiletto heeled boots, and I am going to use them to great effect. As my slut lies on the floor I begin to trample on him, digging my heels into his flabby body. His protests and groaning fall on deaf ears as I order him to remove his top. Much better!! Now I can really dig my stilettos into his flesh. He squeals and groans for mercy, as I move up and down his pathetic body making deep seated marks as I stamp on him. Finally when I think he's suffered enough, I allow my bitch to return to his duties in the bar. Of course, he's not so cocky now after his painful trampling from such an experienced stiletto queen...