Mistress Gaia

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ENGLISH SPEAKING - Today I'm going to have some fun with my slave. I'm in a develish mood, and he's going to be my prey. I have him hooded in a Zentai suit, and tightly wrapped in clingfilm. It's so hot for him and he's helpless. As he struggles, I decide to get a pair of my favourite leather gloves, and let him see me pulling them on. They're so fucking tight, I love that feeling as I have to pull them so hard to get them on. I begin with some face sitting on my bitch, I want to make him suffer under my beautiful ass Then it's time to see how long he can hold his breath. With some hand over mouth smother using my tight leather gloves. I enjoy watching that pleading look in his eyas as I tighten my grip over his mouth. I can't let him away without smelling the scent of my beautiful feet. So I decide to allow him the pleasure of some foot smother. He's been making a lot of noise. So I'm going to shut him up by getting some more clingfilm, and wrapping it tight around his face and head. It's such a lovely sight to see the clingfilm being sucked tightly into his face, as he desperatly tries to gasp for air. His eyes begin to bulge as I cover his nose and mouth to extract the last dregs of breath. It's a great way for me to relax, watching my helpless bitch squirm and suffocate at the hands of Mistress Gaia...