Mistress Gaia

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I have my sissy slut wearing his bra and panties ready to receive some exciting training. I'm sitting on the bed, and I call him over. He's on his knees and I'm going to get him excited. However, he has to earn his luxury, and I begin by allowing him to kiss and worship my feet. I then show him a half full condom that I have been keeping especially for my slut. It contains the cum of myself and my boyfriend from a very sensual session we had earlier. I also have his underwear that I'm going to use on my slut. I begin by teasing my slut, as I show him the condom and hold it over his face and mouth. After a short while, I order him to open his mouth and begin to empty the condom. What a lucky slut as he swallows and enjoys our stale cum. I then tease him some more, as remove my panties and pull them over his head and face. I tell him to smell the beautiful aroma from my pussy on my panties. After this little reward, I get him to lie down on his back. Of course, I have remove my panties and replaced them with my boyfriends, and he has to suffer smelling their stale scent. I also place the empty condom in his mouth. As a reward for his efforts in training, I tell him he can now touch his cock. However, he must not cum until I give him permission. As he has such a tiny cock, it's almost impossible for me to do anything with it. However, after a short while of allowing him to play with himself his little throbber has grown. I give him permission to cum, and place my foot over his cock and have to laugh as he squirts his mess over his flabby belly. It's been a interesting training session, and of course very rewarding for my tiny cock sperm worm...