Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are a doctor, my wife and I are a young married couple, we come to you for a consultation, we bring you my sperm tests because we want to try for a family. You are sitting in your armchair in your office, and we are in front of you, you are dressed blouse, a black fabric skirt and sheer black tights and matte black leather decolletè shoes, also wearing sun glasses. You are very professional, and as you read the test results you say that the strength of my sperm has become very good thanks to the care you have prescribed, and that soon we will be able to conceive a family. The rest of the tests I did are also very good. While continuing, you realize that I look at your beautiful and sexy legs and you give a mischievous smile and you keep going through the exam papers. Then you say that everything is fine and that maybe we will meet again next month to find out how it is going.

Then you invite us to go to your assistant who will take care of the payment of the visit. However in reality you are not only a doctor, but also a thief and sperm dealer. My sperm could make you a lot of extra money. Thinking out loud you say, "This sperm is fantastic it will make me a lot of money, I have to pay a home visit to these newlyweds" So you organize a visit to my house, take what you need and say:" then I need the spirit, a handkerchief, the medicines and the syringes. Also the tape tape to tie them, and the sterile container for sperm. I think I'm going to wear these leather gloves, very sexy ”. Your outfit is the same as you wore on our our visit. Also you wear a black leather jacket.

You ring the doorbell of my house, my wife looks through the peephole and you say "good morning I'm Dr. Gaia". She opens you and remains surprised, you say: "good morning, sorry if I disturbed you without warning" as she lets you in. You have a folder in your hand with documents. You continue: “I forgot to let you put signatures on these documents, can I steal a few minutes from you? She tells you her husband won't be back for a hour. "Well if it's not a problem I can wait? So we get to know each other a little" My wife takes you to he living room and you sit on the sofa, you say:" today is a day cool, so I still prefer to keep my leather gloves and jacket on as I'm a chilly person. That's perfect would you like a coffee, yes I'll gladly take it if it's not disturbing you "

While she's in the kitchen you take a handkerchief and a bottle from your bag and pour a little substance on the handkerchief, while you do it you whisper to yourself:" a little of spirit and I'll fix the slut " Then hide the handkerchief near you, when my wife comes back she sits next to you on the sofa. You look at her and smile mischievously saying "So your husband comes back in an hour, we'll just use the time to do something" put the handkerchief on her face. " Shut up bitch, don't get upset, I don't want to hurt you so breathe from this handkerchief. What you feel is nothing to be afraid of ... ... I told you not to fidget, stay still, or I swear I'll hurt you, take a deep breath, close your eyes and take a nap. As she falls to the ground you then tie her up. When she wakes up you look at her and you say "Oh my little slut awakens!" Well I'll give you a brief explanation of what's going on. As soon as your hubby comes home, I'll knock him out like I did with you. Then I'll give him a good handjob to get a vial of his precious sperm. Maybe you won't believe it, but it has a fair value on the market.

I must say that the treatment I prescribed has worked very well, I dragged you to the room so he can't see you when he comes back. By the way, know that when you get his cum in your little pussy the chances of getting pregnant are very good. Are you happy? . Assuming he still wants to fuck you, and after getting pleasure from a woman like me. You'll have to work hard to please him. However, don't be jealous I'm not going to fuck him. I'll just use my sexy leather gloved hands to collect that precious sperm of his...
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