Mistress Gaia

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In a room with a chair, a young man dressed only in jeans, and a mistress wearing leatherpants, high-heels and a shiny biker style leatherjacket. She moves toward the man seeted in the chair. As she approaches, she opens a pocket of the jacket, where she takes out a pair of handcuffs. She quickly puts his hands behind the chair, and fastens her handcuffs tightly around his wrists. Now completely helpless, he is unable to defend himself. Mistress slowly opens her leather jacket revealing her beautiful breasts. As he is marveling her breasts she orders him to look away. However, as he continues to stare, mistress decides to take off her jacket and throw it over his head. He is now unable to see anything, and she opens his jeans and takes off his trousers.

As he is moving his head to get out from under the jacket, mistress wraps the jacket tight around his head. She then goes behind the chair, pull the inside of the jacket from behind at his head, and pulls the sleeves as apart as possible. The jacket is now pressed as tight as possible on his face. She then ties the arms together, making a knot under his chin. The jacket is now fixed on his head and tightly against his face. For him the pain is just beginning. On one side he can smell the leather - but also her scent, and on the other hand as the jacket is fixed so tight around his head, he can't breathe properly as he has to try suck air trough the layers of silk lining, and leather. His muffled attemps to tell mistress that he cannot breathe are stifled with her leather sleeves tied around his head.

She now tells him, as a penalty for looking at her breasts he will now have to have a orgasm. Only then will mistress remove the jacket.She begins to stroke his penis and to rasp his balls with her long nails. Once again, his squeals are muffled under the tightness of the jacket around his head, as he gasps and struggles for air moving his head from side to side. The mistress is enjoying herself and having a lot of fun with him. However, it's time for her to give him a painful handjob. She makes it clear to him she doesn't care about his situation and that he will let him suffocate if he doesn't cum quickly. After he has a strong orgasm, she laughs at him as he struggles to breathe, and attempts to get free from under her jacket. It's now up to her whether to take the jacket off his head, or maybe just let him pass out. Eventually, she slowly removes her jacket from his head, and decides to give him a comforting kiss. He is left to struggle, as mistress puts her jacket back on and leaves the room...
Tags: Smother, Handjobs