Mistress Gaia

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Today I have my slave in my dungeon. He is going to suffer extreme smothering and . I put him in a Zentai suit and a hood over his head. I then sat him in the bondage chair. His bondage and smothering is going to be varied and extreme. I begin by wrapping clingfilm tightly around his chest, arms, and legs. Next I get some tape and tightly wrap it on top of the clingfilm. His body, arms and legs are now bound extremely tight. His movement is very restricted. He doesn't know what's next and I can see that look of fear in his eyes. I bring out a roll of vetwrap and tease him with it. He knows he's going to be short of breath very soon and begins to panic. He struggles as I open the vetwrap and begin to wrap is tightly around his face and head. For now, I leave him just a little gap over his mouth to breathe. As he wriggles in his darkness, and wonders what else is going to happen. I bring out a roll of clingfilm and wrap it tightly around his face and head. His muffled attempts to breathe are amuzing. The cling film sticks so tightly to his face it's a shame to create a little hole just enough for him to get some air. However, his suffering continues as I torment him with more clingfilm streched tightly over his face. I also give him some hand over mouth smother just for good measure. By this time he is becoming so breathless, and the heat from vetwrap and clingfilm make his head feel like it's going to burst. As he squeaks and tries to mumble, I have a nice surprise for him. I get my latex sheet and pull it tight over his head. He is now TOTALLY helpless as the tight latex becomes one with his face and he struggles and suffocates. I'm having a lot of fun, and my slave is going to continue to suffer in the bondage chair of Mistress Gaia...
Tags: Smother