Mistress Gaia

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Two beautiful mistresses, and a fortunate slave that is going to be treated to a severe scratching. we have him bound with his arms raised and he is completely exposed, just the way I like it. We begin by making him aware that he is completely at our mercy, and he is going to suffer for us. We hadn't told him what his fate was going to be, however we begin with some gentle little strokes from our fingers across his chest. This makes our slut all the more nervous, as he knows we are going to punish him. He lets out a yelp as both of us pinch his tiny little nipples. We laugh and show him our beautiful nails before digging them deeply into his skin. He struggles and tries to escape, it's useless for him as we have him trapped between us. We begin to draw our sharp nails down his body, showing deep scratch marks as we go. He squeals for mercy, as we continue to make him suffer from our piercing and painful nails. With the front of his body well and truly etched, we turn him around, and begin to enjoy ourselves on his back. He squeals, and I give him a couple of slaps and tell him to shut up as we continue scratch all the way down to his legs. Finally we finish him off with some deep nail digging and scratching on his back. It's been a great way for both of us to relax, while allowing our slut to experience the painful pleasure of our skin craft...