Mistress Gaia

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My bitch of a slave has been making too much noise lately. So I decided to silence him and at the same time amuze myself. I put him in the sling, and tightly bind his arms and legs. He can't escape. I then stand over him and hoist him up just enough, until his head is nicely between my legs. I'm wearing a beautiful pair of Black silky pantyhose. I'm going to give my slut a perfect treat, as he helplessly struggles and looks traight into my crotch. Of course he knows what's coming, but first I decide to give him some hand over mouth smother. I place my hands tightly over his mouth so he can't breathe. I also make it more difficult for him as I pinch that nose of his as he gasps through my fingers for air. Time to make him really suffer, as I get his head between my silky thighs and squeeze as tight as I can. I so enjoy seeing his bulging eyes as I squeeze tighter and tighter with a powerful scissorhold. I continue to smother him with hand over mouth, while all the time with his head firmly trapped between my silky black pantyhose. Next time, maybe I could put them over his head, and tie them tightly around his throat. Squirm for me!! Mffff...