Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - A footiob to a man sitting facing each other under the table. With short black dress, sheer black stockings (tights) and black heels, red nail polish on her feet. I would like you to sit in front of him crossing your legs and greet him by saying: hi Davide, do you like these socks?? You know I bought them today! It's actually an excuse why you want to seduce him. In fact, you keep crossing your legs to show them well. At that point he amazed by your beauty starts complimenting you that you have wonderful legs. So you start teasing him by taking off his heels and putting your feet on his crotch, and as soon as he feels your feet he goes crazy jumping on the chair almost as if he didn't expect it. telling you "what are you doing?" Then you start rubbing your feet on his crotch and while you do it you tell him: "now these feet fuck your dick because I know that's your only thought, I'll make you squirt here, you have to cum thinking about my feet and my socks" . And when he has his cock straight at that point he pulls it out and excited as a horse he replies "yes yes they drive me crazy please jerk me off". And you laugh in his face and start the Footiob with all 10 fingers under the table until he squirts a lot. During the Footjob I would like you to see clearly the legs and feet stroking him under the table and that you seduce him all the time with words like "look how my feet turn you on, look how you like my socks" you would cum instantly as soon as they touch your cock"... and when the slave comes he must scream with pleasure and shoot a good load of sperm obviously also wetting your feet.