Mistress Gaia

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Today at Dungeon Roma I'm going to train my ponyboy. He's been a bit disappointing lately, and has to improve a great deal if he want to become part of my elite stable. The problem is he's so fucking stupid and half the time he doesn't listen. I have decided to add some incentive to his attention span. I will tightly fasten his cock and balls into harness, and attach it to a electro shock controller. This will make sure my bitch pays attention. Every time he makes a mistake, I'll make sure I fry his fucking balls. We begin with some simple instructions to get him going. Of course, I want to enjoy making my bitch suffer. So I give him some instructions I know he won't be able to do. It's such fun seeing him quiver and scream as I cook his balls. I also have my dressage whip to hand, and give him a good whipping to make sure he has learned some obedience. As we wind down his training, I decide to reward him. I know he has a boot fetish, and can't resist my beautiful designer leather boots. I tell him to get on his knees, and give him a good ball busting. Finally, I allow him the extra privilege of playing with his cock, until the filthy slut squirts all over my beautiful boots. What a cheek he has. Using his tongue, I order him to clean his mess off my boots. It's been a good training session, and I enjoyed shocking my ponyboy...