Mistress Gaia

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Today, I have one of my slaves that's going to be experiencing some of the peasures that excite me. He is hooded and naked, and with a tight grip of his cock I lead him to the center of the dungeon. He doesn't know what I have in mind for him, however I'm sure he will respond as I get to work. I begin to tease and torment him, stroking his cock and getting him aroused with my sensuality. As I rub my legs up and down his body, I know he enjoys the feel of my silky black stockings. His cock is hard and throbbing, as I grip it more tightly. There would be no gain without some pain, so using my knees I give his balls a good thumping.

Then I get him to lie on the floor, where I continue with his sensual . I know he desperately wants to cum, however I'm not nearly finished with him. I want him to suffer for his ecstasy. I continue squeezing his balls and stroking his cock making him suffer. Just as he thinks I'm going to allow him to cum, I stand up and tell him I have a surprise for him. I put him under my cock table with his balls and cock tightly secure. Then I make full use of my stiletto heels, as I trample his cock and balls. It's not long before my wimp begs me to stop, such a shame as I'm having so much fun. I remove my shoes and allow him to feel my silky stocking feet as I stroke them over his cock. I tell him he can cum, and as I apply some pressure with my foot on his cock, he lets out a satisfying yelp as he squirts his mess onto the table. What a luck slut he is to have received such sexual torment & ecstacy from Mistress Gaia...