Mistress Gaia

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By popular demand... This extended version and incredibly erotic video with multiple categories is a MUST for your video library.

I have my slave at the foot of my throne and he will be completely wrapped in layers of clingfilm, then tightly bound with pvc tape. Then I place a tight ballgag in his mouth. I decide to leave him there to squirm and suffer, until I decide to return. On returning I find him struggling in his tightly bound mummification, and his muffled sounds amuse me. I'm going to enjoy myself and will spend a long time making him suffer. I remove his gag, and sit on my throne looking down on my bitch. Then I get him to lick my stiletto heels. I then remove my shoes and show him my beautiful feet, I know he wants to lick and kiss them. However, I only allow him the luxury of smelling them. Then I quickly place my feet over his face, pressing down and making sure he can't breathe. He struggles in his bondage and gasps for air, it's futile as I continue with my foot smother torment. There's no escape and I continue to smother him until he begs for mercy. Not today... However, I decide to leave him while I go to lunch with my friend. When I return he seems quite calm, perhaps he's exhausted himself struggling. It doesn't last as I have other plans for him. I have a beautiful pair of black latex gloves that I pull over my hands. Making sure they are really tight over my fingers. Then I begin to make my bitch suffer, as I perform some hand over mouth smother. I so enjoy hearing those muffled gasps, as he tries to breathe through my tight latex hands. I know he's getting very hot in his tight mummification bondage, and it gives me a lot of pleasure seeing him suffer. Finally, it's time to relax and I decide to have a cigarette. Of course, I'm going to share it with my helplessly bound slave. As he tries to speak, I quickly insert a jennings gag into his mouth. That should keep it open nice and wide for me. As I enjoy my cigarette, he gargles and chokes as I flick my ash into his mouth. It's so handy having my bitch as my human ashtray. It's time for me to attend to some business, and I stub my cigarette out in my sluts mouth. As I leave, I hear him choking as he struggles for air. Of course, he's going nowhere as he is now in my servitude for life...