Mistress Gaia

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Today I have my bitch of a slave lying on the floor with his cock firmly locked in the torture table and nicely exposed. There's nothing he can do but watch and suffer. I'm going to have some fun with his little worm he calls a cock. I also have a beautiful pair of brand new pink stiletto shoes, I'm sure my slave is really going to appreciate them. As I stand on the table looking down on him, I can see that look of anxiety in his eyes. He knows I'm going to enjoy inflicting some real pain on him. I begin by ordering him to use that tongue of his and lick my shoes. He has to appreciate the mechanics of his pain. I quickly begin to tramp and stand on his cock, it's not long before my bitch is squealing. I tell him to shut up, as I continue to press and squash his helpless worm. I want to see some bruises, so I use my sharp stiletto heels to penetrate the knob of his cock. This is excrutiatingly painful for him, and he begs me to stop. Of course, I'm having too much pleasure inflicting such pain on my bitch, to even consider his pleas for mercy. His cock is now beginning to resemble a dried up prune, and there's not much fun left I can do with it. I think I may put my bitch in chastity until it's worthwile to begin again with another new pair of my sensually sadistic stiletto's...
Tags: Trampling, Femdom