Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - He is the boss and you are the secretary. You will have to seduce him with the aim of increasing your salary. And you know he has a strong pantyhose and foot fetish. You dressed in black miniskirt black sheer stockings (pantyhose), black heels and white shirt and he dressed casual. You arrive you sit in front of him the desk separates you as you sit down you obviously cross your legs to point them out immediately and then you start talking about the salary increase that you have been working for him and for the company for 2 years. But he absolutely doesn't want to talk about this topic so you start seducing him to convince him. You get up and go towards him and sit down on the desk in front of him and rest your legs on the armrest of the chair next to him and start saying: "Maybe I could do something more for her if she's interested, I know that some of my colleagues they convinced him in the end, they convinced him in a way". In the meantime that you say these words to him in that position, you caress your legs in a very sensual way. At that point he starts to get excited and so with his hand he decides to caress your legs. You take your hands away and smile at him and tell him: "You like them! I know that my legs drive you crazy; I see that you look at them every day. You always look at my legs and feet, but what do you think I don't I realized it?". In the meantime he keeps touching your legs until you reach your knee and then his thighs and at that point he replies that you have wonderful legs, the most beautiful in the world. At that point he too starts kissing them starting from the ankles and then arriving in the inner thigh. He is so excited that he can no longer keep it in his underwear and you notice it, so you decide to have some fun making him stand up, you order him to turn on his back, then you grab him with your legs and pull him towards you, precisely with your heels that press on his cock. Then you unbutton his pants and take his cock out. At that point you drop your heels to the ground and start jerking him off with your feet and also with your hand and while you do it you say to him: "Here is the boss getting jerked off by his secretary... look at how excited you are, and not understanding anything anymore". Meanwhile he's so excited that he can't answer you, the only thing he can do is moan continuously with pleasure. You keep jerking him for a while but then you want to keep playing with him so you sit on the chair and order him to fuck your legs. The legs must be stretched out and pointing upwards that while he fucks your feet they must end up on his face. And in fact he will have to smell them and kiss them for you. While he continues to fuck your legs well you say to him: "how good, how well you fuck these legs! I bet you fuck them better than your wife! In the meantime he can't speak but only moans of pleasure come out of his mouth You go on like this for a few minutes then you decide it's time to make him come. And you'll have to do it with your feet. So you put your legs on the desk and start with the footjob with all ten toes. He'll have to put himself on the end of the desk in front of you so that when it comes it fills your legs with cum. In the meantime you continue to seduce him with your voice saying: "with you men it takes very little to get things done, a pair of very sheer stockings, your feet, your legs and here you don't understand shit anymore... your cock becomes real marble". And once he has come on your legs you can say to him: "Here he is squirting, disgusting squirts, liters of sperm, who knows if your wife makes you squirt like that?".