Mistress Gaia

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I'm with my friend, and we have our slave on his knees waiting to receive what we have in store for him. We are going to have some fun using him as our toy. He thinks he's a bit tough, so we will take great pleasure in softening our bitch up. We begin with some kicks and punches. Then it's time to change that expression of his. We handcuff his hands behind his back, and get ready to give our slave a good faceslapping. As we continue, my friend stands behind our bitch and holds his head while I give him a few hard slaps. She then pushes him to the floor, and as he falls he somehow manages to break his handcuffs. What a stupid slave!! So we get him back on his knees, and tell him he's going to be severely punished for his stupidity. We continue to abuse him, squeezing his nipples and facslapping him harder and harder. It's not long before our tough nut begins to crack. As we have a lunch engagement, we leave him on his knees where he will remain until we return, and decide on further punishment and seductive abuses...