Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Using secret filming, and dressed very sexy and similar as last time, you have managed to get a hold of a tiny shrunken man called Marc. You would tease him first of what is to come, how nasty your farts get and dirty your thongs get. You then proceed to tormenting him in the most sadistic and evil way: You would insert him inside your asshole but always making sure he is fully inside your asshole this time, so feet barely sticking out so you can really fart directly in his face. You would sometimes fart with your g-string on top of him and others bare, putting him back if he blows away. You would include many farts and really make his life hell, even commenting on how you feel him squirm and how bad your farts smell. In the end since you love making him suffer so much you tell him you will keep him in your thongs as you go about your day. You describe how horrible it will be for him there, with nobody knowing if his existence. As well as evil dialogue to Marc, you would sometimes speak to the camera. We would see you coming back from your day after having Marc suffering inside your asshole all the time. You would inspect your thongs and notice how smelly and dirty they are, showing the camera in great detail. You ask if we can imagine what it must be like for poor Marc after what you subject him too. Since you love to make him suffer so much, showing us in great detail you torment him more with farts...
Tags: Farting, Giantess