Mistress Gaia

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I have a large personal hamper, I use it to store a lot of interesting things that are extremely useful in the art of compliance. I asked my slave to find something inside it and he said it wasn't there. Well... I decided to look for myself and found it with out any trouble. Not good for my slave, he's going to suffer for his lazy attitude. I have him on the trunk with his arms and legs outstretched, they are tightly pulled with chains fastened to the wall. There's no escape, and I'm going to teach him a lesson. I select one of my favourite dressage whips, it's so nice to hear that swishing sound it makes as I flick it in the air. My bitch is already squirming, and I quickly begin his punishment, I start off with some warm up strokes, then begin to lash his ass. He squeals louder and louder as the welts begin to appear. I move from side to side, making sure I get a even pattern on his body. I also get him to count some of the lashes, If he loses the count I'll go back to the start. As he squeals for mercy, I continue to make him suffer. He's not getting away anytime soon, and I'm having so much fun giving my bitch a painful sadistic thrashing...