Mistress Gaia

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Earlier, I was using this slave for pony training. I warned him if he didn't perform to my expectations I was going to severely punish him. Well... Unfortunately for him he's going to have to endure the remainder of his training. I am going to severely whip him, and he will learn to improve his pony performance for me in future. Keeping in line with the Equestrian theme of the day, I have decided to use a dressage whip on my bitch. It is very effective, and I so enjoy hearing that distinctive swishing sound as it goes through the air. I have my slave tightly bound to the suspension frame and he can't escape. I also don't want him to wriggle too much. I begin with some nice quiet swishing strokes on his untarnished ass. However, it's not long before I increase the intensity. He begins to squeal for mercy, as my stinging lashes change the colour of his sorry ass. I'm sure he wishes he had performed better as my pony. I continue whipping him harder and harder, his purple ass is beginning to blister. Just the way I like to see it. With his squeals for mercy falling on deaf ears, I continue with his dressage punishment until I'm satisfied I have broken him. Turns out he may become a good little pony after his dressage whipping...