Mistress Gaia

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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - Dressed in your leather outfit you sit provocatively in front of a jeweler (the camera/viewer) on a chair/sofa next to you is a handbag. You tease him with your body to persuade him to open the cases/vitrines with the most expensive jewelry. Your voice is very charming and you make him some compliments about his looks while you tease him, and he does everything you wish. Suddenly you pull out a from your handbag. "This is a robbery". You insult him in your sexy italian language and humiliate him verbally. How stupid he is to believe all the you said to him. He should kiss your feet for having the honour that someone like you would actually talk with him. You tell him what a loser he is, and you are a very greedy bitch and he will be completley fucked up after you have robbed his store. You tell him that you will lock the shop door so that you have all the time you need to ransack the complete store. Then you give him orders to open the cash register and the safe, along with all the cabinets with the expensive watches, bracelets and rings. Telling him to put it all in your bag. Then you order the jeweler to put his hands up and not to move. After the robbery you take your (now filled) bag back and you order the jeweler on his knees to make it easier to tie him up – you fetch some tape/rope or zipties from the bag to tie him up (not visible - behind viewer/camera). Then you continue to tease him with your ass, legs and tits but now in a more taunting diabolical way because now you are so turned on by the robbery. You tell him that he will never touch your body. But your boyfriend will tonight to celebrate the heist. In the end you order him to lay down on the ground, to shut up and to kiss your feet. Then you take your bag and leave laughing about his humiliation!