Mistress Gaia

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Continuing on from his last foot smothering ordeal, I left my bitch overnight to suffer. I have returned and of course he's still gagging away. He is bound with only his head sticking out of the headbox. I have him in stocking mask, then I bound his head and face very tightly with duct tape. There's only a tiny hole for him to breathe, and it amusing to see him try to suck in his precious air. His head is so tightly bound it must feel like it's going to burst, I know he is desperate to be set free. Not today... I'm going to enjoy making my bitch suffer just a while longer. I sit opposite him and begin by placing my beautiful hands over his tiny breathing hole. He desperately tries to suck in some air, however my grip is too tight. I tease him by using my fingers, before once again placing my hand over his mouth. It's quite warm so I remove my jacket, and throw it over my bitches head. I know he can feel the silk lining and It's a beautiful contrast, as my bitch struggles to breathe underneath the soft Italian leather being pulled tight around his head and face. I so enjoy hearing those helpless gasps for air. I tie the sleeves of the jacket together, before leaving my gasping bitch alone to suffer another Red Dawn...