Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Your naked slave has been cleaning, and you are angry with her because she hasn't cleaned properly. You decide to punish her, and will humiliate her as much as possible. Wearing your expensive flat heeled boots, you get her on her knees on the floor and make the bitch lick the soles of your boots. You also have a cane that you use on her to make sure she is obedient. You notice that she has piercings on her pussy, and decide to make her suffer. You put a padlock on her rings to keep her in chastity. With her once again on her knees, you give her some more punishment with your cane. You whip her ass, and then give her a taste of bastinado on her feet. It's time to really humiliate your bitch, as you get her to crawl on her knees to the toilet. When there you order her to use her tongue to lick the toilet clean, you still have you cane to give her some incentive. Your not happy with the way she's licking the toilet, so you grab her by the hair and push head down the toilet bowl. Your bitch is begging you to stop her punishment, however your not finished with her yet. As she crawls back from the toilet, and remains on her knees. You get her to hold her ass open and tell her you have a nice surprise for her. It's a little butt plug ponytail. She is going to be you ponygirl for the rest of the day. You shove her little tail tightly into her ass and get her to wiggle for you. With her between you legs, you give her some encouraging whacks with your cane and get her to wag her tail for you. She is now your obedient ponygirl...