Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - Your sitting resting on chair with your beautiful legs crossed. You decide to have a cigarette, and you call your slave over to kneel in front of you to hold your ashtray. He is very short in height, and has been in chastity for a long time. He begs you for the keys to release him, and you laugh saying to him you might agree after you have some fun. When you finish your cigarette you stand up and order him to get off his knees and do the same. You are so much taller than he is, and this makes you laugh and you tell him how insignificant he must feel. You then begin to tease and taunt him, as you circle around him. You then tell him you might consider unlocking his chastity cage. However, there's a condition. He must be able to kiss your armpits at lease once. As you raise your arms and he stands beside you, it's clear he's too short. After several futile attempts at licking you armpits, you give him some slaps and tell him he's useless. His failure means there's no way he will be released from chastity, and all he's good for is being under your feet where he belongs. You push him to his knees on the floor and get him to kiss your beautiful shoes. Then tell him to crawl back to his corner until you decide what to do with him. Seems all he's good for is being your little pocket man...